Black Acorn Dogs

Friday, February 10, 2006

And It Continues...

Back to the doctor yesterday, and onto another round of antibiotics. So far, already feeling much better than I did yesterday, but chest x-rays are on the agenda for today anyway. I'm very much hoping that this round of meds work so that I won't get around to caring about what the x-rays even show.

Poor dogs... Indie got to go to class Wednesday night but I bailed at the last minute on Ebony last night because I just didn't have it in me by the end of the day to drive back out. I didn't even feel happy about having to drive my 3-4 miles home from work, just because I felt so run-down again by yesterday. I'm going to have to do something special with her this weekend to make up for it. They've really been getting gypped.

Dad's in town this week and staying over tonight, so that's something fun to look forward to.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Digs


I moved desks at work today, and just finished my unpacking process. I'm much closer to my main team now, which I'm extremely happy about. There were only 3 people I worked directly with in my old building. In the entire building. And they didn't sit particularly close, either. It got to feeling like "The Net". I probably could have not shown up at my desk for a week and no one would have known. That's assuming I was online, of course, and in person at certain key meetings, but so much is done via conference call, there are times when I could go days without having to see people face-to-face in a company of thousands of people and running a project with 100-200 people involved. It's crazy sometimes. So I'm really happy about my new location.

I now have all my boxes (3 of them) unloaded and all of my things are organized, put away, hung up, or otherwise arranged. It already looks like I've been here forever. I have a selection of things I put on the walls of my cube or otherwise use for decoration, and they've followed me through a number of moves. I can very quickly take every down and put it back up. It's always a riot to see the look on people's facees when they see how quickly everything is settled, especially when it's the people who've been seeing an empty cube for days or weeks, and suddenly its fully populated. It reminds me of the time a townhouse complex we lived in put fully grown trees in one day, and Diane and I argued like crazy over whether they'd always been there. (She insisted they had, however before the trees went in, kids used to play ball back there every day. They had NOT been there previously. :D)

I still don't have a phone, and this is a major sore point. I've been hopping up and down all day to use a phone at another desk. I really hope they have my phone in tomorrow.

Back to the doctor tomorrow. I'm still healthy (in so far as I can walk around and stuff) but the coughing is back and antibiotics had ended Sunday. I want to make sure we keep this under control before it makes itself at home. Plus it's sooo rude to have this obnoxious cough where other poor coworkers have to listen to it constantly all day.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Back to Routine

Finally back to work today, after 9 days of butt-on-the-couch. The poor dogs are getting stir crazy from abridged walks since Diane's had to do them all herself. I couldn't even do training classes this week!

Ever since coming back from Portland, I've been very sensitive to noticing time of sunrise. I was very surprised one morning in Portland when I realized it was 7:15 and the sun wasn't up yet, even a little. My mother (who lives in upstate NY) didn't think anything of it. Logically it makes perfect sense that days are shorter in the north, but I never thought of NY/Oregon as being that much further north than VA to make a difference. Just never occurred to me, I guess. I *had* idly noticed since moving to Virginia that it doesn't seem to get dark as early in the evening during winter as I'd always remembered, and hey look at that, it's true.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Verdict is In

Doctor's diagnosis is walking pneumonia (not 100% sure without chest x-ray, but appears to be). I overdid it yesterday, I guess, when I was feeling a little better and today the coughing is much better but it's an effort to sit up, where Monday-Wednesday I was alert enough, but couldn't move without spasmic coughing. This is more comfortable, I guess, but FAR less productive. Neither makes the top ten list of "most sick" or "most uncomforatable", but I'm still really over this and will be glad when I'm feeling better.