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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hooked on the New & Today's Rally

Dad and Cindi, you'll be glad to hear this one:

Since getting our Garmin GPS, I did, without realizing, become addicted. Although it's not infallible, I no longer second-check directions before I get in the car and just drive. In areas where I am familiar, I often override it and go my own directions, but those are the exceptions.

Even Diane has learned the love the Garmin. She doesn't even know how to check the voice mail on her cell phone, and she figured out how to use it all by her little self. I have a funny feeling we'll be buying a second one at some point.

I drove up to Harrisburg last night for a Rally trial today, and left the GPS with Diane so she could drive up this morning. Good lord did I miss having it with me. I can't say I got lost, but I most certainly did take some extra "adventures". It just made me realize how much I don't miss pulling over and looking up Google Maps on my Trio. When I wasn't sure if I'd made the correct right turn, I kept waiting for a British voice (don't ask) to tell me that I was going the right direction and fix me. It's amazing how one new technology can so easily supplant another. It was only one year ago that I was utterly dependant on my Trio-powered Google Maps as my lifeline for getting around. Remember the old fashioned days where we'd use print-outs from Mapquest on actual paper? Shocking.

Yes, I do still carry regular maps... just in case. But I sure don't have them for all of the areas in which I travel.

We were in Harrisburg for a Rally trial at the Pawsabilities expo, and Ebby was fabulous. She stayed in the motel room without her crate, and although she was highly distracted at the trial in the expo center, at NO point did she get stressed out. I honestly think that's a first, especially considering that there were lots of people and a PA and the whole shebang. She handled the whole thing like a pro, and even with the distractions, I couldn't be happier. We are working on "double Qs" for our APDT Rally Championship, which means that we need to get a qualifying score in both Level 1 and Level 2 for five trials. We got two each today, so we have three more sets to go. Whoo hoo!

And after all that, I'm exhausted. Good night.