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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No, YOURE a Nerd!

Nostagia is such a funny thing. I'm eating Nerds candy, and their tangy goodness brings back memories. My childhood best friend and next door neighbor was Shelly, and Nerds was definitely on our favorite candies list. They were a new candy when we were young -- who guessed they'd still be around today? It was also in the earlier days of bottle deposits, and we used to troll around for empty discarded bottles to turn in for candy money. Of course, back then we could get one candy bar for every five cans or bottles we found, so we usually made out pretty well... you'd be amazed how many people toss out nickel bottles even in a small town. I wonder how many kids today would still even do this, collecting dirty old bottles and hauling them by foot a half mile or more for five measley cents each.

Anyway, we used to mix the Nerds with water into little coffee scoops and drink it. We called it "chandelier". Kids are so weird.... doncha love it?


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