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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Party That Went to the Dogs

Ebby and I went to the Christmas party at our training center A Click Above today. You know, every time I think she's doing really well, she goes one step further. I expect Ebby to have a nice time at an event like this, especially since it's somewhere she's already well familiar with, but I think this was the first event I've ever taken her to where she was truly *relaxed* and happy the entire time. She had her ears forward the whole time; typically she had an anxious expression with her ears down a fair amount of the time. I find it extremely difficult to get nice pictures of her for this exact reason, because she does this even around the house. For some reason, she has been different this week. She's been very confident, and very affectionate. And today at the party, she was... well, a normal, happy dog. Now, the word normal is really the wrong one to use, because really the *average* dog does not behave so well and so calmly outside the house, but that's still the word I go for in my mind.

I kinda wish I knew what it was about this week that's kicked in this newest jump in her emotional evolution, but then, it doesn't really matter. I don't think I can really express how it feels to watch her continue to become more comfortable in her own skin.


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