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Friday, December 15, 2006

Ah, The Power of Distraction

The guys are back to do some more work on the house today (the deck did get finished Tuesday and looks fantastic, incidentally). I planned the dogs' breakfast around the guys coming and saved it to feed the dogs when they arrived, since the dogs have to be crated anyway. I swapped out the food I was planning to feed tomorrow -- big racks of beef ribs that we got for 72 cents a pound. I figure those will keep the dogs occupied for a good while and they should be all tired out and ready to nap in their crates when they're finished. Sure enough, they're having such a great time eating that they haven't even noticed all the noises going on downstairs. I won't be surprised if this occupies them for more than an hour.

Whoops, 15 minutes in, Ben just realized he can hear noises and voices downstairs. He barked for about 5 seconds, then returned to his ribs. Heh heh.


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