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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Did I Actually Just Say That?

I've decided today that I want to go back to school to become an animal behaviorist. This idea gelled after I was reading through a site with little behavior quizzes and I came across the term allelomimetic and I actually cared to learn more about what it meant. I spend enough free time in such pursuits that it would actually make sense to try to get paid for it.

My next thing I plan to do is become independently wealthy so I would be able to actually pay for tuition. If this doesn't work out, maybe I'll look into my cousin Karey's childhood dream occupation, being a bird. Hey, we all need dreams, right?


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    By Blogger Joe, at 1:56 PM  

  • I want to learn to fly helicopters, then find some dumbass who owns a few and will pay me to fly them.

    The learning part is going to cost a lot, which is putting a damper in this whole plan. Well, that, and also that I do not see very well.

    By Blogger Joe, at 1:58 PM  

  • Karey's dream did come true.
    She is a bird. 8)

    By Blogger BillP, at 8:40 PM  

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