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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Returning from Evanston

(As written Tues afternoon):
We're driving back from he airport from Evanston, IL, where we had our two-day workshop. Whenever I'm driving in unfamiliar regions, I love looking at the subtle differences in the architecture of houses. The houses here are very cute but somewhat boxy in that the roofs have very low peaks. Houses in the northeast tend to have higher peaks on the roofs, which I've always thought was to help the snow slide off and reduce ice build-up and weight on the roof. The Chicago area has no lack of snow, so there must be other reasons for a local convention of lower peaked roofs. Very interesting to me, at any rate.

Evanston is a really nice little college town that feels very clean, sociable, attractive and safe (no clue if it IS safe, but there were lots of people walking casually on the streets at all times of the day, and I didn't see anyone who looked like they were wandering aimless or looking for trouble). I particularly note that they were walking, because the area seemed to be quite pedestrian friendly -- something that is sorely missing in the D.C. metro area and suburbs. There was a plethora of little shops and restaurants, and I even had a chance to stop in a little shop called Kiss My K9 that sells holistic products, high end foods, and a small selection of toys and leashes. I bought a used hardcover book at a great price for the plane ride home. I also had a few minutes to stop into a camping supplies store next door (sign on the door welcoming dogs -- gotta love that), and I as I wandered around with the question "Is there anything here that I need?" I realized that many women ask themselves that question when browsing purses and handbags. I'm perfectly happy to ask myself that in a camping store. I didn't buy anything there although I did come close. Definitely a little town I'd enjoy returning to in the future.


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